Discover the city

What does a "discover the city" type game entail exactly?

  • By Lander
  • 5/20/2023
  • 5 min read

What is a 'Discover the City' game

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The name gives it away

A city game is a game that takes place outdoors. It is an interactive and often competitive activity in which players have to complete various tasks, puzzles, or challenges while navigating through the city. These games are usually organized for groups of people, such as friends, colleagues, or families, and serve as a form of entertainment, team building, or educational experience.

The popularity of city games has grown in recent years, partly due to the rise of smartphones and technologies like GPS. These games offer players the opportunity to engage interactively, explore the city in a new way, and have fun in a social setting.

A city game can not only be a source of entertainment but also an opportunity to learn more about the city itself. During the game, players can discover interesting facts, historical information, or cultural insights about the city. This can be done through questions, tasks, or information points included in the game.

By involving participants in the history, architecture, landmarks, or local traditions of the city, city games can have an educational aspect. They can encourage players to explore new places, discover important monuments, or explore lesser-known parts of the city. This not only helps to expand players' knowledge about the city but also fosters a deeper appreciation for its cultural and historical aspects.

City games with informative elements can be both enjoyable and educational, making them a fun way to combine entertainment and education.