What does a 'Trivials' game mean?

  • By Lander
  • 5/12/2023
  • 3 min read

What is a 'Trivials' game

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Do you know more than your friends?

A Trivials city game is a variation of the popular board game Trivial Pursuit, adapted to be played in an urban environment. Instead of playing on a board with cards, the game's questions and challenges are integrated into the city itself.

In a Trivials city game, players navigate through the city and visit different locations where they must answer questions or complete tasks to earn points. These locations can be significant landmarks, historical sites, monuments, or other interesting points in the city.

Just like in the original Trivial Pursuit game, the questions in the city game revolve around general knowledge in various categories such as history, geography, sports, arts, and entertainment. Players must answer the questions correctly to collect cards or points. The team or player who completes all categories with correct answers first wins the game.

The question themes can also deviate from the standard categories and be adapted to a specific theme. Someone who excels in this theme can use their knowledge to outsmart their friends and family.

A Trivials city game offers players the opportunity to test their knowledge while exploring the city in a fun and interactive way. It combines education with entertainment and is suitable for both individual players and groups who can compete against each other. The game encourages learning and discovering interesting facts about the city while providing a fun and challenging gaming experience.