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Discover a city in a fun way

Do you want to discover a city in a fun way, without having to listen to endless historical facts from a city guide? Are you looking for an original activity to fill an afternoon with friends and family? Do you want to finally beat Uncle Mark or your good friend Sandra in a game? Or do you want to get some more exercise, but find walking itself (yeah, just like us) incredibly boring?

Then a city game is undoubtedly something for you.

A citywhat?

A city game.

You log in to a website through your smartphone, and a fascinating world opens up before you. At various locations nearby, you can answer questions or complete tasks. Sometimes it's about being the fastest, but always about being the smartest.

Sometimes the questions are unrelated to the location you're at, like in our Friends city game. Other times, you have to find the answers in the streetscape, like in our 'discover the city' game in Kortrijk. But in any case, the city game takes you to fun places in the city, and time flies by.

Promo game image Discover the city

Discover the city

City games provide the perfect way to discover a city in an interactive and immersive manner. Solve puzzles, gather information, challenge your brain a little now and then, and uncover hidden treasures as you explore the city. From historical landmarks to vibrant neighborhoods, our city games ensure that you can check them all off your list.

Promo game image Together


You can definitely play a city game on your own, but it's especially designed to be played together. Challenge each other, compare scores, and enjoy some excitement and competition. The stakes are up to you. Perhaps Uncle Dirk will do the dishes for a year if he loses? Or maybe friend Sylvie will finally reveal her secret recipe for chocolate cake? Explore the city in teams, collaborate to solve puzzles, and create unforgettable memories together.

Promo game image For everyone

For everyone

The great thing about city games is that they are accessible to everyone, regardless of age or skill level in (board) games. Our city games are designed for a wide audience, whether you're a seasoned gamer or a novice city game player. Everyone can contribute their part during the game and have a fantastic time, regardless of their experience level.

Game image Discover Kortrijk

Discover Kortrijk

Game image Friends Trivial

Friends Trivial