Discover the City


8 - 99


min: 1 - max: 6






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Discover the citygame of Kortrijk

In this city game, we'll take you on a tour through Kortrijk, along the city's nicest and most beautiful spots. Here and there, we'll also briefly talk about the city's history in general or about the locations in particular.

For those who are in our city just once, say for a bachelor weekend, this provides a top-notch tour of the city. But even those who think they know every secret Kortrijk holds can be pleasantly surprised during the city game.

The "Discover the City" game in Kortrijk is suitable for teams of one to six players. So, you can perfectly go out on your own with our games if you're looking for some me-time. But you can also enjoy our Kortrijk city game with a whole bunch of friends at the same time.

It's important to note this: if you book one Teamgame for six, you all play the same game at the same time. If one person gives the right answer, it immediately counts as the right answer for the whole group.

It might be more fun to split a group into smaller teams, each booking their own game. A family of four might prefer to play one game, while a group of friends of four or six might rather form two separate teams to compete against each other. With smaller groups, everyone is more engaged in the game, and you can add some competitiveness to it.

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